Posidonia 2024

KROHNE is pleased to welcome you to the Posidonia in Athens! We look forward to your visit!

Welcome to Posidonia 2024, where the maritime world unites under the theme of "Powering ahead." We invite you to be a part of this maritime event and visit our booth to discover engineered turn-key solutions for the marine industry, ensuring greener operations and enhanced efficiency. Join us at Posidonia 2024 to explore the future of marine innovation and how we can power ahead together.

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Jun 3-7, 2024

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Marine industry



As a highlight, we present EcoMATE™ The performance and emission monitoring system for vessels. Regardless of vessel type, EcoMATE™ provides the full solution needed to proactively improve CII rankings, fleet performance, fuel consumption, bunkering verification, and emission compliance reporting, while lowering company OPEX. The system’s four modules work in tandem to provide operational users with complete control and insight over important data.


Ensuring barge safety and stability during cargo delivery is an essential piece of the marine industry puzzle. CARGOMASTER® is a complete monitoring system for multiple tanks. The system has unique benefits such as ease of maintenance, accurate data transmission, alarms, extensive reporting functions, fully remote services, VDR output, and cargo handling features to assure ship stability and safety for tanker operations.

Flow measurement

Flowmeters, flow controllers and flow accessories

  • For all industrial process applications

  • From cost-effective mechanical indicators to very advanced flow instrumentation

  • Maintenance and service tools, flow computers and other accessories for flow measurement

Instrumentation Flexibility

Our systems flexibility allows the integration of various instruments for extended use, such as measurements of torque, shaft power, and water management. KROHNE Marine provides accurate and reliable data management by combining innovations in KROHNE instruments with our expertise in marine systems and applications.

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