KROHNE USA Startup Services Offering

KROHNE, Inc. Startup Service Offering for Continental USA

Startup Services provided by KROHNE will help you take advantage of all the advanced features and benefits offered by your new KROHNE measurement product or systems quickly and easily. Certified Service Technicians will ensure that the startup of your new meter goes smoothly to achieve your measurement requirements from the moment it is placed in operation. As an added benefit, any startup service purchased at the time of instrument purchase will also automatically extend the product warranty to a minimum of 36 months from the date of shipment [1].

Scope of Startup Service Offering

These on site KROHNE Startup Services are available throughout the United States:

  • Verification of the correct installation of the sensor, converter, and associated wiring
  • Verification and/or adjustment of configuration parameters in the converter to match operating parameters.
  • Review of configuration and testing of the converter displays and outputs for compatibility with control or indication devices.
  • Instrument commissioning including meter zero check and performance verification under process conditions
  • Training for your plant personnel during the Startup

2019 Pricing of Land Based Startup Service for the Continental USA [2] [3]

•             First Instrument: $1400

•             Each Additional Instrument on same service order: $700

This flat rate is charged per instrument and includes all labor and travel expenses within the contiguous United States when this service is purchased at the time of ordering the instruments (based on one prescheduled trip with two weeks' notice at one site, during normal business hours, Monday-Friday). Quoted service prices are fixed during the quote validity period. Additional fees may apply for customer-requested site training that exceeds one (1) hour or additional labor that is not directly related to startup.


 [1]    Standard KROHNE Warranty term is 12 months from date of startup or 18 months from date of shipment, whichever comes first. Longer warranty terms are available at time of purchase. It will be your responsibility to alert the factory of the extended warranty should the equipment experience a warrantable failure within the new extended warranty period based on startup service purchase.

[2]    Continental United States excludes Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean. Marine or Offshore Startup service must be quoted separately.

[3]    This offer is subject to change without prior notice. Standard KROHNE, Inc. terms and conditions apply. Liability insurance certificates are available on demand.


Dated February 2019