Sales Representatives

TemPress Associates, Inc.

Territory:  State of Washington

Industry: Municipal and Industrial

Phone:  503-655-4453

Fax: 503-655-8147

Website: www.woa-tempress.com


Westech Industrial Ltd.

Territory:  State of Washington

Industry:  Oil & Gas

Phone:  562-228-8322

Website: www.westech-ind.com

District Sales Manager

Abram Griffiths

Territory: Washington

Phone: 208-386-0407

Email: a.griffiths@krohne.com

Inside Sales

Emily Raiche

Phone:  800-356-9464 Ext. 531174

Email:  e.raiche@krohne.com

Customer Service

Angie Tillas

Phone:  800-356-9464 Ext. 1171

Email:  a.tillas@krohne.com