Prepared pet food production in the food & beverage industry

  • Level control in the hoppers to provide high and low alarms even in relatively dry materials
  • Measurement of level in mixing tanks and control of steam flow and thermal energy
  • Monitoring of fat and flavor dosing
  • All equipment is supplied with suitable hygienic connections

The primary ingredients in pet food are meat, poultry, and seafood, feed grains, and soybean meal. Liquid ingredients may include water, meat broth, or blood. Salt, preservatives, stabilizers, and gelling agents are often necessary. Gelling agents allow greater homogeneity during processing and also control the moisture. Ingredients vary somewhat depending on the type and style of pet food, and the manufacturer. The basic difference between canned and dry pet foods is the amount of moisture. Canned food contains between 70 and 80% moisture, since these are generally made from fresh meat products, while dry pet food contains no more than 10%. After storage and grinding of the ingredients, the further processing includes mixing, extruding and drying. After adding extra coatings, fat, flavouring or vitamins, the final product is filled and packaged.

KROHNE offers precisely tailored measuring devices for these tasks. Fast, robust and extremely accurate temperature sensors, as well as ultra-compact and modularly expandable pressure transmitters for hygienic pressure and level measurement applications are available with a variety of hygienic connections. Coriolis mass flowmeters provide exact results for both simple and demanding hygienic applications. Thanks to the EGM™ technology by KROHNE (Entrained Gas Management), Coriolis devices can even do this with entrained gas proportions in the flowing mixtures of up to 100%. FMCW radar level measuring devices with a large selection of hygienic process connections enable reliable, continuous, non-contact level measurement. Capacitive level switches, which only require a short immersion depth in the process, are not confused by foam, condensate or deposits on the probe. All devices are EHEDG and 3-A certified and meet the requirements of FDA and EC1935 / 2004.

KROHNE Global Industry Division Food & Beverage

Headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, our Global Industry Division is dedicated to serving customers in the Food & Beverage industry. Being an instrumentation supplier in the industry for over 20 years, we have gained industry- and application-specific know-how that we implemented into our devices and measuring solutions. Our offering extends from elementary process instrumentation up to fully engineered systems, and from engineering consultancy during the design phase, through to on-site commissioning and training. With presence in around 100 countries, local support is usually available from just around the corner. This applies whether the application can be covered by standard instrumentation, or is more challenging, where a one-off solution with dedicated process diagnostics is required.

KROHNE Food & Beverage

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