CARGOMASTER® – Monitoring and alarm software

The CARGOMASTER® system provides measurement of all relevant data

•  Ullage/level
•  Volume (based on volume tables)
•  Loading/discharging rate
•  Weight and cargo density
•  Inert gas pressure
•  Tank temperature
•  Cargo manifold pressure

Alarms may be configured for all values, securing the highest degree of safety in operations.



Cargo Tank view
Ballast tank view

Flexible and easy-to-use software

With selectable screen setup, the operator may choose to show only the tanks of interest (manually or automatically), leaving unwanted information in the background. Should something unexpected happen, automatic warnings will give notice to the operator and consequently alarms will occur. With extensive functions for reporting, you can make printouts covering your needs.

Maintenance friendly

Based on MS Windows, which is well known to people onboard, potential service and maintenance can normally be performed by crew. With experts on line, a problem may be corrected quickly and easily, saving time and money. The CARGOMASTER® software has been approved and is certified for onboard use by all major classification societies.


The CARGOMASTER® system can be set up in multiple configurations for full redundancy and distribution of information. Doubling of computers in CCR will also give a better overview of operations.


The CARGOMASTER® system is normally interfaced to several other systems, such as ship’s automation system, vessel management system and loading calculator. Also, sub systems may be integrated to provide full overview to the operator.