EtherNet/IP Interface box for configuration, maintenance and diagnostics of flowmeters

  • Communication or retrofit option for Coriolis mass flowmeters with Modbus converter (MFC 010)
  • For seamless connection between flowmeter and an EtherNet/IP™ network
  • Smooth integration into major EtherNet/IP™ host systems
  • Integrated 2-port Ethernet switch for flexible network topologies


ETHERNET/MFC 010  Interface box for mass flow measurement

The EtherNet/IP Interface Box equips OPTIMASS 1010, OPTIMASS 3010 and OPTIMASS 7010 instruments with a state-of-the-art EtherNet/IP interface. Designed for installation in a control cabinet, it offers a full-featured web-interface for configuration, maintenance and diagnostics, and for smooth and intuitive integration into major EtherNet/IP host systems, e.g. Rockwell and Schneider Electric.

An integrated 2-port Ethernet switch allows for flexible network topologies: multiple devices can be connected without the need for an external switch. If the application requires redundancy, the EtherNet/IP interface can also be deployed in ring topology. The integrated web server allows field device configuration and diagnosis using standard devices such as tablet PCs.

Product highlights

  • Interface box for configuration, maintenance and diagnostics
  • Support of Device Level Ring (DLR) for redundancy
  • Password protected web server to facilitate configuration and diagnosis of the device
  • Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) available for convenient deployment
  • Add-On Instruction (AOI) available for use in Rockwell environments
  • Communicates via Modbus RTU Protocol with the attached field device

Typical applications

Food and beverage industry

  • Seamless integration into EtherNet/IP environments