xFC Toolbox – Take a peek inside your process

A Hardware and Software tool for the GDC-based electronics from KROHNE

xFC 300 Toolbox
  • Data recording
  • Verification of correct sensor performance
  • Analysis of process
  • Configuration of factory settings

KROHNE's  xFC Toolbox allows you to analyse your process and record your findings, without interfering with the measurement or performance of the meter.


The xFC Toolbox V1.4.1 supports the following converter electronics from KROHNE:

  • MFC 400 (CG33)
  • MFC 400-S (CG43)
  • MFC 300 (CG32)
  • UFC 300 (CG34)

The data logger works in two ways:

  • Record directly to a PC via the USB-GDC Adaptor.
    (Part No.XE52120100)
  • Record to a micro-SD memory card via  a plug in module.
    (Part No. XE52120500)
xFC 300 Toolbox

The recorded data can be presented in a graph format using your chosen parameters.

Process data can then be analysed and any changes easily identified.

Recording directly to a PC

Direct connection with USB-GDC adapter & IR interface.
xFC 300 Toolbox
Direct connection with USB-GDC adapter.
xFC 300 Toolbox
  • Uses USB-GDC adapter.
  • Possible to use IR-interface.
  • Up to 4 measurement and / or diagnostic values may be displayed on a graph simultaneously.
  • All the measurement and diagnostic values are saved in the background.
  • All values can be exported into an Excel file for further process analysis and diagnosis.

Recording to a memory card

xFC 300 Toolbox
  • Module can be plugged into the GDC port on the xFC display behind the lid and can be set to log data for several hours or days as required.
  • Allows data logging in an Ex environment.
  • The data logger module captures approx. 8MB of data per hour, onto a micro-SD card (max. supported SD card size: 2GB)
  • Allows unlimited data logging until the anomaly occurs.
    - Can be used for an unlimited time
    - Data is continuously overwritten in a loop, meaning old data gets deleted and replaced by new data.
  • All measurement and diagnostic values can be saved and analysed off-line at a later date.

xFC Download Tool

  • Downloads factory configuration file to converter.
    - Includes user settings and calibration settings.

  • Requires .bin files, obtained from:
    - KROHNE P.I.C.K website
    - Production factory

  • Hardware required:
    - USB-GDC Adapter