VISCOLINE – New Generation Rheometer

Rheometer for continuous in-line measurement of process viscosity


The Viscoline Inline Process Rheometer provides in-line, continuous measurement of fluid viscosity for process control and monitoring applications.
It is ideal for use wherever viscosity measurement is required for process or quality control.

The innovative Viscoline is extremely adaptable and can be used for a variety of Non-Newtonian applications, including emulsions, cosmetics, shampoos, ketchup, yogurt, sauces and cheese.


  • Continuous inline viscosity measurement for process control and monitoring applications
  • Ideal for Non-Newtonian applications
  • No moving parts - simple to install
  • Analog outputs or digital communications
  • 0.2% repeatability, 0.1 cp resolution


One design for a variety of fluids:

  • Sanitary
    Beer, cheese, yogurt, sauces, soap, shampoo, creams, gels

No mechanical modification required in order to acquire accurate measurements of different fluids.

Simple & efficient

  • All Stainless Steel construction
  • No moving parts
  • No in-situ calibration


  • Repeatability: 0.2%)
  • Resolution: 0.1 cp
  • Traceable NIST


Patented technology based on mixing principles applied to pipes.
Bulk viscosity is measured on the whole flow which is re-homogenized by the action of the static mixers.

How it works

The fluid flows through a continuous pipe containing two low pressure drop static mixers.
The sensor device measures the pressure drop at both static mixers by means of two differential pressure measurements: ΔP1 and ΔP2.
Precise pipe flow rate measurement is obtained from the integrated KROHNE OPTIMASS 7000 straight tube Coriolis meter which is uniquely insensitive to fluid viscosity effects.

Pipe flow rate obtained from KROHNE’s OPTIMASS straight tube meter is integrated in the Viscoline.
From the two pressure drop measurements and the flow rate reading, the fluid flow parameters are processed in the system, and the pipe line viscosity is determined.
A temperature reading can be useful for thermal correction when a reference measurement is required.
Such correction requiers laboratory thermal characterization or dual measurement.

Continuos trending of multiple variables – including viscosity.

Dynamic touchscreen display interface for simple operation.

An example of one of two inline static mixers used.