PipePatrol Pipeline Management

Smart monitoring and protection of pipelines

  • Comprehensive suite of modules for leak, theft and line break detection, plus monitoring of tightness and lifetime stress
  • Complete and sensitive protection of oil, gas, water and multiproduct pipelines
  • From single software applications to full packages including instrumentation


11 solutions

PipePatrol Health Check

Complete pipeline leak detection audit

  • Complete audit of all areas of leak detection on an operator‘s pipeline or pipeline network
  • The PipePatrol Health Check system covers fundamental aspects, the physical state, the performance and the compliance with standards and regulations

PipePatrol Leak Detection

Solution for pipeline leak detection and localisation

  • E-RTTM (Extended Real Time Transient Model) based leak detection and localisation
  • Highly accurate and extremely reliable leak information
  • Meets API 1130, API 1175, AB 864, German TRFL standards and CSA Z662
  • System is either independent, or can be integrated with existing systems

PipePatrol Theft Detection

Solution for product theft detection

  • Fast and reliable identification and localisation of unauthorised or illegal product discharges
  • Dedicated theft pattern recognition for product theft detection
  • Initiation of alarms within minutes to stop theft in the act

PipePatrol Line Break Detection

Solution for pipeline rupture detection

  • Efficient and instant detection of pipeline ruptures, especially for high consequence areas
  • Pipeline rupture pattern recognition system for automatic emergency shutdown
  • Reliable and fast acting response systems and procedures to minimise environmental effects and danger

PipePatrol Predictive Modeling

Solution for prediction of pipeline conditions

  • Simulation tool to predict pipeline conditions from current operating and manually definable static data
  • Forecast future events and states of pipelines

PipePatrol Batch Tracking

Solution for batch and interface tracking in multi-product pipelines

  • Determination of the position of a batched product and identifying the mixing zone
  • Predictions for arrival times and amounts of pure product available
  • Safe operation and optimum capacity use of the pipeline

PipePatrol Tightness Monitoring

Solution for detection of small and gradual leaks

  • Detection of gradual leaks using standard pressure and temperature instrumentation
  • Continuous and automatic reporting according to regulatory requirements
  • Avoid negative effects on normal pipeline operation

PipePatrol Stress Monitoring

Solution for monitoring of pipeline lifetime stress

  • Evaluation and documentation of lifetime stress
  • Assessment of the remaining pipeline service life
  • Monitoring of pressure measurements at sensor points

PipePatrol Pump Monitoring

Control cabinet solution for monitoring of pumps and motors

  • Monitoring of the essential mechanical, electrical, and hydrodynamic measurement values
  • Reduction of the operational energy consumption through demand-oriented system management

PipePatrol Cyber Security

Cyber security solution for pipeline management

  • Complementing solutions for pipeline monitoring and protection
  • Protection against cyber risks
  • Secure communication, fulfilling the latest standards

PipePatrol Data acquisition

Data transmission solution for pipelines

  • Reliable systems for data acquisition and transmission and components for data encryption
  • Particularly safe communication, fulfilling the latest safety standards