Webinar series on plant safety in process industry

With our live and interactive webinars, we address the challenges of the process industry with regards to plant safety. Our experts provide appropriate safety solutions by means of practical examples and live demonstrations.

Join our live & interactive webinars on plant safety in process industry

In this webinar series you will gain different insights and knowledge in the areas of Functional Safety, Cybersecurity and Occupational and Process Safety. Each topic will be broadcasted live from the KROHNE studio by our respective experts. Our new interactive and flexible webinar concept allows live demonstration of technical details and direct exchange with our experts. ​
We look forward to welcoming you!

Cybersecurity in process automation environments

Operational technology (OT) is becoming more and more interconnected with the superordinate and adjacent information technology (IT) systems. The IT/OT convergence achieved in this way results in new requirements for cybersecurity, as process plants and critical infrastructures are no longer isolated systems…

Webinar 25.10.2023
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Variable area flowmeters: simple, reliable and safe

The seminar demonstrates how additional electronics that can be used in mechanical variable area flowmeters make the process and work environment safer…

Webinar 31.10.2023
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Functional Safety: Basics of safety loops acc. to IEC 61508/61511

Brief overview of standards and regulations, parameters for SIL classification, risk analysis by means of risk graphs in accordance with VDI/VDE 2180, calculation of complete safety loops…

Webinar 18.04.2023
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Functional Safety: Practical examples of safety loops acc. to IEC 61508

Five different examples of safety loops from process engineering are presented in detail. Starting with the functional description and the risk analysis, the entire calculation and selection of the proof test interval is shown in detail…

Webinar 28.04.2023
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Functional Safety: Planned amendments to the 3rd edition of IEC 61508 and their effects

Brief overview of the planned changes, highlighting the parts most relevant to users and their potential impact on current and future developments…

Webinar 04.05.2023
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Functional Safety: Optimisation of safety loops using automated partial proof test functionalities

This seminar describes optimisation possibilities of safety functions by means of online diagnostics, partial proof tests and the connection of safety and control loops…

Webinar 09.05.2023
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Functional safety: Use of smart meter valves in safety-related applications

A smart meter valve is basically a pneumatic actuator with built-in flow, pressure and temperature sensors as well as a computer for complex control tasks. In safety-related applications, smart meter valves represent the so-called control unit, which can or must be monitored by PCT protection functions according to IEC 61508/61511…

Webinar 16.05.2023
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KROHNE safety features in process analytics

In this seminar you will learn how KROHNE instruments for pH, ORP and conductivity can improve general safety in your plant…

Webinar postponed

How to improve plant safety using Coriolis mass flowmeters

In this seminar we show how the safety of your equipment and processes can be improved with the help of the OPTIMASS series…

Webinar 31.05.2023
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Safety in level measurement technology

This presentation describes the role that level measurement technology plays in terms of safety. Not only approvals such as SIL, ATEX or WHG offer safety, but also design measures such as the proven Metaglass feed-through in radar technology or quick coupling systems for level transmitters…

Webinar postponed

Safer flow measurement with ultrasonic flowmeters

Ultrasonic flowmeters measure flow independent of fluid properties, have a wide measurement range and do not need maintenance. In addition, the flowmeters provide extensive diagnostics information about both the flowmeter health and process conditions…

Webinar 29.06.2023
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Pressure, level and flow measurement using pressure transmitters in safety-related applications

Pressure instruments measure one of the two key essential physical values, to keep in check and under control for safe and reliable operation…

Webinar 23.08.2023
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Using of Vortex flowmeters in safety applications

This seminar describes the advantage of modern Vortex flowmeters used in safety applications. The benefits of short diagnostics times and the use of homogeneous redundancies in SIL 3 applications are explained with practical examples…

Webinar 30.08.2023
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Using electromagnetic flowmeters (magmeters) to improve plant safety

This seminar provides an overview of how electromagnetic flowmeters can increase plant safety. The focus is on the diagnostic functions and the measurement of additional measured variables of this measuring principle…

Webinar 07.09.2023
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Safety aspects and solutions in temperature measurement

In this seminar, we look at temperature sensors in terms of their functional safety and explosion protection. We show the advantages of in-situ calibration, which helps to detect measurement errors in time and prevent damage to the sensor…

Webinar 15.09.2023
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Pipeline management solutions and leak detection for more safety

Pipeline operators face many challenges today due to legal and environmental requirements, critical incidents and other external influences. Application-specific solutions for pipeline leak monitoring and protection are needed to ensure comprehensive and efficient pipeline management and to minimise losses, environmental effects and danger…

Webinar 26.09.2023
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